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About the Creator

Big Little Rivals Creator Photo

Rob Kulik is the father of three boys, Keller, Ryder and Major, and he lives in McLean, VA with his wife, Brittany Kalkstein Kulik (UVA). Rob graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill, earned his JD from NCCU School of Law, and his LLM in Tax from Northwestern University School of Law. After careers in the restaurant business, international tax law, and commercial real estate, Rob decided it was time to save the world – one kid at a time.

It all began eight years ago as he watched a UNC/Duke game while feeding his son a bottle (after several bottles for himself). Being a known Carolina fan, family and friends gave Rob a number of UNC-themed children’s books extolling the virtues of the school, campus mascot, and teams. And he loved starting the UNC indoctrination as early as possible. But Rob thought there was another critical aspect of the indoctrination that was not being addressed – teaching his son about those crazy people in Durham – the rival Dookies. So, eight years after having that thought, Rob decided it was time to fill that void for like-minded fans around the world, and Big Little Rivals came to life.

Big Little Rivals’ Investors:

  • Brooke Christian (University of Florida)
  • Bruce McNamer (Harvard, Stanford)
  • Anthony Puglisi (University of Maryland)
  • Matthew Dowd (William & Mary)